Summer Fun with Toddlers and Babies

Summertime lovin’ is in the air and one of the best parts about having young kids is that you finally have an excuse to blow those bubbles and chase those butterflies…in public! Even city dwelling folks have plenty of ways to have fun outdoors with young ones as long as you come well hydrated and sun-screened.

With a toddler and an infant we’ve found the perfect balance to explore the outdoors by timing things during the infant’s nap times and so as he sleeps in the shade of the stroller, we get to run around with the toddler. When he wakes up we spend a few minutes together rolling around and snacking before heading home. A perfect balance of quality time.

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Here are some fun (free/inexpensive) activities for the summer that are toddler and infant approved!

  1. Hit  up splash pads or water fountains (go on and jump in!)
  2. Blow bubbles (anywhere…everywhere)
  3. Visit a farm (zoos can be a bit too much during the hot summer months with young ones)
  4. Swing at the playground (feel free to go down the slide yourself)
  5. Enjoy a drink on a patio (milk for them and a craft cider for you!)
  6. Grab a water gun and have a run in the park (bring extra water with you if there’s no water source nearby)
  7. Build a sandcastle in a sandpit (or hunt a city beach down)
  8. Ride a bike in an empty parking garage ( ensure you find a corner away from traffic)
  9. Enjoy a good outdoor festival ( food and low-key music festivals are often very relaxed and welcome families)
  10. Hunt down an ice cream truck (the tunes will bring back many memories, be ready for it)

How do you like to enjoy the summer outdoors?

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