Sweet Treats That Are Good For You! #Honibesweet

Thinking outside of the basket isn’t anything new to me. We were forced to think of Easter treats in a new way when my son developed an allergy to eggs at just a year old. The changes have stuck even though he’s outgrown that allergy. When it comes to the kids Easter baskets, I keep the chocolate treats to a few favourites, filling the baskets instead with goodies that they can enjoy all spring long! This year we are taking our baskets even further by filling them with something that not only offers a sweet treat, but a healthy one to boot, kids honibe® honey gummies™  complete.

My kids will be thrilled to have their own packages of multi vitamins and I’ll be happy they aren’t flying high on sugar. Even though kids honibe® honey gummies™ complete vitamins are made with 50% less refined sugar than most other gummy vitamins, they taste GREAT. Your kids will want to take their vitamins and you can feel good knowing that you are getting started early on a routine that includes a daily multi vitamin. With three great flavours to choose from your kids can delight in picking out their favourite one first, or saving them to be enjoyed last. The only problem you might have is convincing them they can only have one a day.


For a sweet treat that soothes and satiates any sugar craving you can also tryadding in honibe® HONEY DELIGHTS® to those Easter baskets. I’m partial to these myself and love popping one into my mouth after dinner. With only ten calories per piece they are a guilt free indulgence I can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Best of all, I get my sweet fix without all the calories.


Catch up with honibe® on all of their social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. To learn more about honibe® please visit their website. It has fun activities for kids, information on all the ways honey is good for you, how they are giving back and a full list of available products.

The trick to changing things up for these sweet holidays is to start early and create healthy routines. The kids will love the variety of things in their baskets while still enjoying a more reasonable sugar load and you’ll be happy the kids are getting their vitamins, all while still enjoying the holiday.


Disclosure – This post is sponsored. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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