Cranberry Confessions #Recipe

I know that Christmas has passed and many people are now packing away the decorations and doing the post holiday cleanup. Due to the untimely arrival of a tummy bug our Christmas, well at least the eating part of it, is today. A big meal is as much a part of Christmas Day as the … Read more Cranberry Confessions #Recipe

Slow Cooker Beans and Franks

I love early winter. The change of the seasons means dragging out the recipe book and cooking up some good old-fashioned comfort food to warm me up from the inside out. One of our favourites, Boston Baked Beans, is a recipe that comes from my Mother-in-law. Usually it calls for prepping in a pressure cooker, but since we … Read more Slow Cooker Beans and Franks

Turkey Noodle Soup

With cooler weather approaching and turkey season in full swing I’m satisfying my craving for a little home cooked soul food. Soups, stews, and roasts are now in regular meal plan rotation. I love recipes like this is because you can use up whatever vegetables you have in your fridge and the turkey leftovers in … Read more Turkey Noodle Soup

Think Outside the Loaf – Easy Lunch Idea

September has been a hectic month to say the least. There has been the back to school routine to get used to, hunting season to prep for and a business trip to pack for – add in house showings and daily upkeep of said house and any extra time I thought I would have with … Read more Think Outside the Loaf – Easy Lunch Idea