Toys R Us in store Play Date March 25th, 2017 – Beauty and the Beast

A tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast, is set to hit theaters March 17th! If you aren’t as excited as I am, you should be. This Disney classic, remade into a live action film, is sure to please fans new and old alike. To help celebrate Disney’s latest film Toys R Us … Read more Toys R Us in store Play Date March 25th, 2017 – Beauty and the Beast

Once-in-a-lifetime Canadian Experiences

It’s well known that Canada has an abundance of things to do, places to go and sights to see. While some of these include some of the usual tourist type activities, there are some other, once-in-a-lifetime experiences to be experienced in this beautiful country. Go hiking in the Rockies The Rocky Mountains are one of the most … Read more Once-in-a-lifetime Canadian Experiences

Canadian Children’s Museums

You hear the word museum and you’re probably hearing yourself say “ kids… look but do not touch!” You’re also probably thinking it would be an ideal date night but definitely not a spot you’d want to take a toddler to. Let me introduce you to the fabulous concept of Children’s Museums. Yes they exist … Read more Canadian Children’s Museums

Staying Sane While Shopping #WalmartenLigne

I love shopping online. It’s a great way to compare prices, scout out great deals or even find those hard to find items, but until recently shopping online has come with ridiculous shipping costs within Canada or hefty duties if you are shopping on US websites. The online shopping space in Canada hasn’t been great … Read more Staying Sane While Shopping #WalmartenLigne

The Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall 2013

When making the change over to Eco friendly and Organic options I have adopted a gradual approach. It’s the easiest way to discover what products work well and fit seamlessly into our lifestyle. Not only that I have to be very conscious of how much I spend on products so by gradually introducing them I … Read more The Healthy Shopper Picks for Fall 2013