Homemade Chicken (or Turkey) Noodle Soup

With cooler weather approaching and turkey season in full swing I’m satisfying my craving for a little home cooked soul food. Soups, stews, and roasts are now in regular meal plan rotation. I love recipes like this is because you can use up whatever vegetables you have in your fridge and the chicken or turkey … Read more Homemade Chicken (or Turkey) Noodle Soup

#CBias Ultimate Burger – Cajun Chicken Burger

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a Cajun Meatloaf recipe by the Pioneer Woman that became a fast family favourite. I typically reserve it for cold winter days because of the heat of the cayenne, but because it’s a favourite I wanted to find a way to take it into summer. Last month I … Read more #CBias Ultimate Burger – Cajun Chicken Burger

Jambalaya ~ Nug style

The original recipe comes from Company’s Coming slow cooker book. I highly recommend you get it. I have yet to try a recipe that wasn’t yummy. This particular recipe has evolved over time to work better for my family. If you want to freeze do it before adding shrimp. Everything will freeze and reheat wonderfully … Read more Jambalaya ~ Nug style