Friday Night Fun at @McD_Canada – Hunting for #EqualCanada With #CBais

Thanks to #CBias and my continuing hunt for #EqualCanada we had a rare chance to eat out at our local McDonald’s for dinner this week.  It comes at the perfect time too, when we’re all run down by the early mornings, long bus rides and just life in general.  With Christmas just around the corner it’s been … Read more Friday Night Fun at @McD_Canada – Hunting for #EqualCanada With #CBais

Did I Finally Find #EqualCanada at Starbucks? #CBias

HoHoHo ’tis the season for holiday coffees, and while I don’t normally partake, this time while out doing some scouting for 3D Tv’s I decided to take the plunge at my favorite local coffee shop Starbucks!  Thanks to Equal Canada and Collective Bias I have been enjoying my coffee a little bit more because they … Read more Did I Finally Find #EqualCanada at Starbucks? #CBias

World Diabetes Day Nov 14th – #EqualCanada #CBias

More than 9 million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes, and that number is increasing due to poor diet choices and lack of exercise.  While there isn’t any cure there are ways that you can prevent the disease or manage it if you have been diagnosed.  With November being National Diabetes Month what better … Read more World Diabetes Day Nov 14th – #EqualCanada #CBias

The Hunt for #EqualCanada Continues – #CBias

Today I headed out for my second attempt at finding Equal Sweeteners.  I admit since my first mission to Tim Hortons I have kept my eyes open them but haven’t had any luck.  I am sad to say that today was no different. This time I took my friend, her oldest daughter as well as … Read more The Hunt for #EqualCanada Continues – #CBias