Perfectly Imperfect for the Holidays

I’m not perfect. I like it when things go my way and turn out how I planned, but with kids I have learned that more often then not to just let things slide. Do we still decorate and bake and do holiday things? Of course, but what we do is far from perfect. It wasn’t always that … Read more Perfectly Imperfect for the Holidays

Mothers Day Brunch

It used to be a tradition that on Mother’s Day my mom and I dressed up, gathered with my aunts and Oma and went out for a special Mothers Day brunch.  Locations were always different from year to year. One year we ate at a swank hotel, the next a small family restaurant in their … Read more Mothers Day Brunch

I Am Not A Cookie Queen.

I admit it, when it comes to baking cookies my methods and results leave a bit to be desired.  Don’t get me wrong, things come out tasting fine but I don’t enjoy baking them as much as I do cooking up a 5 course meal.  The only reason I bake cookies these days is because … Read more I Am Not A Cookie Queen.

Be Berry Berry Quiet I'm Hunting Rhubarb

When I lived out west I couldn’t figure out what rhubarb was good for besides strawberry rhubarb pie.  In fact I had 2 large plants in our first yard that I hated because they grew huge and were always in my way when moving the lawn. Little did I know that I would someday find … Read more Be Berry Berry Quiet I'm Hunting Rhubarb

Cooking with Kids

I love cooking with my kids and feel it’s such an integral part of growing up. Licking spoons and trying new foods are special times. I hope by getting them involved in meal choices, preparation and baking fun that I pass on a love of cooking. Of course having somewhere that you can find easy recipes … Read more Cooking with Kids