Mentorship Makes a Difference

Being a teenager is hard, being a teenager with a difficult situation at home is even more challenging.  It can seem impossible trying to see to the end of the week much less gazing towards your future. Having someone who believes in you, and inspires you to take the next step, pass the next hurdle, … Read more Mentorship Makes a Difference

Giving Tuesday – Starlight Children’s Foundation #Giveaway

What better day to talk about gifts that give back than Giving Tuesday.  I love finding ways to give back that make an impact right here at home. One of the gifts that some of the kids in my life will be getting this year include “Flash” the Starlight Bear for 2016. “Flash” is the 8th … Read more Giving Tuesday – Starlight Children’s Foundation #Giveaway

Gifts Ideas That Warm Your Heart

 World Wildlife Fund Adoptions WWF has been supporting the plight of endangered animals for as long as I can remember. This season give a gift that gives back by picking up a WWF Canada Symbolic Adoption. With over 30 species that can be symbolically adopted you are sure to find just the right one for a … Read more Gifts Ideas That Warm Your Heart

Clear The Clutter and Join Glad in Donating for Good #Donate4Good

It seems lately as if I am in a never-ending battle with clutter. Between the kids, the dog, and the household stuff that keeps piling up I’m not sure I’ll ever see a completely bare floor again. You would think that having just done a major purge when we moved last summer the clutter would … Read more Clear The Clutter and Join Glad in Donating for Good #Donate4Good

Gifts that Give Back

Gifts that give back are wonderful things, they are the joy of giving multiplied! From helping people in third world countries feed their families, to helping those fighting life threatening illnesses, and even onto those gifts that do good for people in your community these are the gifts that do more. Ten Thousand Villages is the … Read more Gifts that Give Back