Hand Washing Tips for Kids

My kids are pretty good at keeping their hands clean when they are around me, mostly because they have regular reminders from me to wash their hands before eating and after using the washroom. I know that when they aren’t with me though, keeping their hands clean is not high on their priority list. We have had talks about why having … Read more Hand Washing Tips for Kids

My Post Clean Up Repose

Saturday afternoons have become prime cleaning time in my house over the summer.  I can send hubby off with the kids, or put them to work to tackle  the big jobs that never seem to get done during the week – jobs like mopping the floors, dusting and the dreaded bathrooms.  I don’t know about … Read more My Post Clean Up Repose

Summer Cleaning – A Family Affair

As much as I would love to spend summer days basking on my front porch sipping iced coffee and reading a good book, life dictates that summer chores get done.  Chores like washing windows, organizing my cupboards, quick cleans before guests, and keeping up with my constantly dirty floors*.  We are also finishing up renovations on … Read more Summer Cleaning – A Family Affair

Healthy, Sick, Disinfect, Repeat

I admit it, I am a germaphobe, I call it my dirty little secret. In my house the kids seem to bring home an unending stream of illnesses from school. If I don’t stay on top of hand washing and disinfecting it really seems as if the flu season passes through our home without a break.  One … Read more Healthy, Sick, Disinfect, Repeat