The Importance of Music Education

Of all of the things I wanted to give my children to carry into adulthood, music is one that has been closest to my heart. I’ve seen the difference that music has made in the lives of my cousins, and my own life, and I want my children to experience and to be rewarded by … Read more The Importance of Music Education

A Summer of FUNdementals

Summer in our house is broken into three distinct phases the 3 week-long “I don’t even want to look at something educational” the month-long “I’m bored, entertain me” phase and the “I’ve forgotten everything I learned – stuff me with knowledge phase” leading up to the first day back to school. In all three of these … Read more A Summer of FUNdementals

Sesame Street TV for Kinect – Video Games for Kids

We have quite the collection of xbox games, but until recently none that were geared specifically to the toddler/preschool crowd. Many of the games that we have, my four-year-old daughter has trouble making them work, and even more so when paired up with one of her big sisters. There were no such problems making Sesame Street – … Read more Sesame Street TV for Kinect – Video Games for Kids