Mothers Day Brunch

It used to be a tradition that on Mother’s Day my mom and I dressed up, gathered with my aunts and Oma and went out for a special Mothers Day brunch.  Locations were always different from year to year. One year we ate at a swank hotel, the next a small family restaurant in their … Read more Mothers Day Brunch

Keeping the Bear at Bay

Here in Quebec the winter can seem endless, especially once the snow piles up so high that I can’t look out my kitchen window without staring at a wall of white.  If I didn’t find a way to get outside despite the cold I’d never leave my house.  I’d just spend my days surfing the … Read more Keeping the Bear at Bay

Appetizers for After Midnight

I have been having fun playing with some easy recipes from Life Made Delicious over the holiday season thanks to fantastic specials on cocktail wieners and Pillsbury Crescent rolls and I thought I would share 2 of my favorites with you in case you were looking for something quick and easy to prepare for before or even after … Read more Appetizers for After Midnight

I Am Not A Cookie Queen.

I admit it, when it comes to baking cookies my methods and results leave a bit to be desired.  Don’t get me wrong, things come out tasting fine but I don’t enjoy baking them as much as I do cooking up a 5 course meal.  The only reason I bake cookies these days is because … Read more I Am Not A Cookie Queen.

My Lazy Day Secret

I admit it.  I have lazy days. Yes, there are days when I don’t feel like cooking a meal from scratch or heading to the grocery store, some days even easy recipes are out.  On those days when I’m busy or tired or just want a meal that everyone will eat without complaint I pull … Read more My Lazy Day Secret