Making Memories Last with Blurb Books

If you are anything like me while on vacation you take a ridiculous amount of photos, maybe glance at them through the back of your camera once or twice and then they get to live on your hard drive forever. While I do try get my photos off my hard drive by adding a section … Read more Making Memories Last with Blurb Books

Building Memories at Camp

The labels have been ordered, clothes have been sorted and packing for camp is just weeks away.  To say that my daughter is excited is an understatement as we hear on an almost hourly basis how very excited she is.  Visiting the camp’s website has really dispelled any anxiety she might have felt about going to camp. … Read more Building Memories at Camp

Preparing for Camp – The List

I am a list person.  I have to.  Since having kids if I don’t write down a list of things to do/pack/buy as I think of them I end up forgetting until after the fact.  Since I am preparing to sending my daughter off to camp for the first time and she will be far from home … Read more Preparing for Camp – The List