Itchy Legs no More #EczemaAndMe.

If you are a mom to child with eczema, or you are dealing with it yourself, you know how frustrating it is trying to treat it. Each doctor you see prescribes lotions that at best mask the symptoms but never take care of the eczema completely. Many of them don’t solve the issue of the … Read more Itchy Legs no More #EczemaAndMe.

Saving My Sanity the #AvionVIP Way

I start shopping for Christmas in January, it’s true. I have said in the past that it’s to save money and to spread the spending our so the post-Christmas bill doesn’t hurt so much, but really it’s because I hate shopping in crowded pre-Christmas malls. The noise, the crowds, and the surprising rudeness of so … Read more Saving My Sanity the #AvionVIP Way

My First BlogHer Party – #ChevroletOCP

This was my very first BlogHer party and what a great way to kick things off!  Thank you so much @MC_Canada and @ChevroletCanada for a fantastic time and @CocktailDeeva for a drink that was far too yummy.  If you see yourself in the photos head over to Flickr and tag yourself!  All these photos were … Read more My First BlogHer Party – #ChevroletOCP