Think Tank Turn Style 20 Review

Think Tank bags are bags that work. They are well thought out bags whose design makes caring camera gear, no matter what’s in your bag, easy. I have been lucky enough to own two Think Tank Bags, The Streetwalker – which is my bring everything and the kitchen sink bag, and more recently the TurnStyle 20 … Read more Think Tank Turn Style 20 Review

30 Days Later – #BetterWithWindows8

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already reached the end of my self-imposed 30 day challenge to make Windows 8 and the Surface Pro 2 my only technology (aside from my cell). In that short amount of time the whole family has enjoyed the benefits of Windows 8 and the convenience of the Surface Pro … Read more 30 Days Later – #BetterWithWindows8

Cloud Computing is #BetterWithWindows8

It’s been 2 weeks since I made the switch to the Surface Pro 2 and so far I love it. Finding my way around Windows 8 has quickly become natural and the functionality of some of the apps and interfaces, like email, is so easy I wonder how I ever did without them. One of … Read more Cloud Computing is #BetterWithWindows8

Telus Mobile Office Solutions

There are many times when I need to blog on the go. In the past I would have carried my laptop with me and bemoaned (in my head) my aching shoulders the whole time, or just left it in my hotel room unused because by the end of the day I was too tired to … Read more Telus Mobile Office Solutions

Samsung Galaxy Camera from Telus – The Ultimate Point and Shoot

I love cameras, but I’ve become a bit of a snob since making the switch to a DSLR. I gave up the convenience of having a pocket camera, but I felt the photo quality was worth lugging around a bulky camera and multiple lenses. I thought I was being a “good photographer”, but as it … Read more Samsung Galaxy Camera from Telus – The Ultimate Point and Shoot