Start A Tradition with Hasbro Games

I have waxed poetic about our love of board games and Family Game night in the past.  More often than not you will find my kids bring ing board games out on the weekends or even mid-week to spend time together learning how to win, how to lose and having a great time together.  Board … Read more Start A Tradition with Hasbro Games

Easter with Kinder Canada

If you are anything like me you are probably gearing up for Easter.  Looking for, or making the perfect Easter dress and shopping for goodies to fill your kids Easter baskets.  One item that always makes our Easter basket is Kinder Chocolate.  It’s Easter tradition and has been part of Easter hunts since I was a kid. As per tradition, I usually pick … Read more Easter with Kinder Canada

Our Easter Traditions

I thought I would share with you all today since tomorrow is Follow Friday and Saturday is recipe day. I have also decided to Take Sundays off from blogging so that I have that extra time with the kids. Reviews and Giveaways will now be posted on Tuesdays. Any how back on track… We are … Read more Our Easter Traditions