Why My Frigidaire Classic Slate Freezer Is Main Floor Worthy #Testdrivemoms

With a large family space is always at a premium, but no where more so, than in my freezer. We limped through many years using only the space available in our small fridge freezer. Eventually we upgraded to a small upright freezer thinking that maybe we didn’t need so much space – we needed that space. While it helped the space issue to a degree. we still ended up coming home from big grocery trips, pulling everything out and reorganizing in an attempt to make everything fit. More than once we ended up kicking ourselves because we bought too much.

When we purchased our new home I knew I wanted to upgrade my kitchen. I was coming into a house with beautiful granite counter tops that cried out for stainless steel. I went all out buying a double oven, an over the stove microwave, and a gallery door refrigerator (all Frigidaire) that made my foodie heart sing. I knew though, that even with a 8.7 cubit foot freezer drawer for my frozen foods it wouldn’t be enough. I set out to find the perfect upright freezer – one that would fit everything I need it to, and look good beside my stainless appliances while we renovate the basement.


That freezer is the Frigidaire® Classic Slate Freezer

After doing my research, and shopping around I was literally days away from getting this freezer when the opportunity to review one came up. Not one to pass up a fortuitous opportunity I of course agreed to share with you my thoughts on this fabulous freezer.

Frigidaire® had my needs, and yours, in mind when designing the new Classic Slate Freezer with SpaceWise® Organization System. They really thought of everything, including solutions for the most common problems people have with conventional freezers:

Problem One: 76% of people say they don’t have enough storage capacity in their refrigerator today.

Solution: With the SpaceWise® Organization System, you can find customizable storage solutions that fit your cold storage needs.

Why I Love It: I now have enough room to bulk freeze items that are on sale, store the half a cow we are buying, and room left over to store freezer meals for the families lunches and weeknight dinners.

Frigidaire upright freezer

Problem Two: 66% of people find it difficult to organize food in their freezer.

Solution: The SpaceWise® Adjustable Baskets are heavy-duty plastic baskets with colour-coordinated clips that snap on, so consumers can find items easily (and even includes a basket that fits pizza boxes!)

Why I Love It: I’m a little OCD when it comes to organization and food storage safety. I like my meat away from my vegetables, lunch separate from dinner, and my packaged meals separated from home cooked items.

Frigidaire upright freezer

Problem Three: 50% of people find it hard to access items in their freezer.

Solution: Bright LED lighting and food dividers help make organization a breeze and also makes it easier to find those hard-to-reach items.

Why I Love It: I’m still working on this one. With so much space to play in I’m fine tuning how I store my items and working on getting the freezer filled. Right now being able to see everything at a glance, or the quick pull of a drawer sure is easier than having to bend over and dig through random bags of mystery meat that have been left under a pile of ice packs and freezees.

Frigidaire upright freezer

I adore my Frigidaire Classic Slate Freezer for all of these reasons and so many more. In fact it’s so nice having everything I need at my fingertips I’m not sure that it’s going to be relegated to the basement when the renovation is done. It’s fits my space, and my lifestyle so well.

Frigidaire upright freezer

For more information about the Frigidaire Classic Slate Freezer, and for great tips on how to get the most out of any freezer visit the Frigidaire Freezer microsite . You can also find more great tips, contests and conversation with the Frigidaire brand on Facebook and Twitter.  Plus stay tuned here for more…coming soon.

Frigidaire upright freezer
The Dynamic Duo – Fighting the dangers of lack of storage with a keen eye towards organization and good looks to boot.


“Disclosure: I am part of the Frigidaire® Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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