Thank You Old Navy and Kim!

Last week I got the best email in my inbox. It was from Kim Flanagan and it said “Get shopping!” and that is exactly what I did with the whole family today. We headed to our local Old Navy at Place Laurier and went a little bit overboard. The gift card I won was for $250 and the finally tally on the receipt after taxes was almost double that. Yikes! Good news is it was BOGO today so we ended up leaving with 3 full bags of stuff. Mostly for the wee ones but even Hubby and I picked up a few things.
The kids weren’t sure what to make of the whole day and I have a feeling it’s one that will live on in their memories for a long time. For the first time ever instead of saying “no” when they asked for just one more thing I said “sure” It was so fun seeing them so excited. Probably what contributed to the overspending too. Without further ado, our haul:
The haul minus what we are wearing in the pictures.
Precious and precocious
My new summer frock
Old Navy for Summer
The only complaint I have heard is that we forgot to get a cap for my son. Guess we will have to make another trip. Thanks so much Old Navy and Kim for giving our family a fun and memorable shopping trip! 
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