The Hardest Person To Shop For

Back in June I entered a photograph I had taken of the Pont de Quebec into a contest that was being run by Canada Post.  My hope was that I would walk away with a Via Rail train trip, an iPad or one of the many smaller prizes. While I didn’t win anything from the contest what I did end up with is something that I will treasure far more than any gadget.

About halfway into the contest I received an email from Canada Post that had me pinching myself and calling everyone I know.  The Email was from a representative of Canada Post asking if they could use my photo in a special photo book that was to be presented to the Royal Couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their first visit to Canada as a married couple.  My jaw dropped, I did a little dance and then I hit reply!  How could I say no?  What a huge honor to be one of 45 photos of this beautiful country chosen for such a special book when they had a pool of 10,000 to choose from.

I eventually was sent a copy of the same photo book as a thank you, but I have been looking for months for the best deal on gallery wrapped canvas to take that image out of the book and get it on my wall where I can admire it daily.  I love looking at the book, but because it is so special I almost feel as if it should stay wrapped up and away from dirty fingers.

That’s why when I came across a deal for 51% off a Gallery Wrapped Canvas in WagJag’s Holiday Shoppe it didn’t take me long to click add to cart!  Merry Christmas to me!  I can’t wait to see it up on my wall!  I am probably the hardest person to shop for during the holidays so Hubby is relieved that I bought my gift, and that it was cheap.  I’m happy because it will be a great addition to our home decor and unlike generic wall art has a story to tell.

Don’t tell my Hubby but I also got myself a Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace from the Holiday Shoppe!  How could I not?  Just $35 and after using a credit and a gift certificate it only came out to $10!  Plus I totally deserve it.

WagJag is definitely on my list of new favorite website. I’m following them on WagJag’s facebook page as well, to make sure I don’t miss any other great deals or contests – contests like the Win What You Buy or a chance to win $500 just for uploading a video.  Plus by following them you can learn about any twitter parties they might throw.

ETA:  Check out what came in today!!

I am participating in an influencer program with EverytingMom to support WagJag for the holidays. Although I have been compensated for my time to write this post, the opinion expressed are purely my own.

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