The Hunt for #EqualCanada Continues – #CBias

Today I headed out for my second attempt at finding Equal Sweeteners.  I admit since my first mission to Tim Hortons I have kept my eyes open them but haven’t had any luck.  I am sad to say that today was no different.

This time I took my friend, her oldest daughter as well as one of my daughters out for a date at my favorite coffee shop, The Second Cup, before heading out to do shop shopping.  I admit I have a serious addiction to Second Cup Chillers and Cafe Lattes.  It’s a very good thing that there isn’t one close to my house or I would have to get a fix more often than once every couple of months, and probably go broke in the process.

This particular Second Cup is located in one of the big malls and boy was it hopping.  We ended up waiting a few minutes to get served – not a problem since it gave us time to decide on what to get.  I stuck with my usual Cafe Latte, although would have gotten a Chiller – frigid temps be darned, had they still been available. We picked up a moccachino for my friend and 2 hot chocolates for the girls.  I don’t typically use artificial sweeteners, but I am always willing to try something new.  On this trip since we didn’t find Equal I stuck with my usual sugar in the raw.

I attempted to engage the staff in a conversation about Equal, but because they were so busy they didn’t say much more to me then sorry we don’t have it.  I searched for comment cards but had no luck so I did the next best thing and sent off a quick email when I got home asking them if Equal was something they would consider offering.  At this point I am thinking I’ll pick up a small box of Equal to try it out for myself since I can’t find it at any of the coffee shops or fast food places I frequent.

All in all coffee time with the girls was a hit and I have to admit I really love this part of my jobs with #Cbias for #EqualCanada.  Spending time with my friend chatting and enjoying good coffee just can’t be beat.  Oh and I have it on good authority that Second Cup Hot Chocolate is the best EVER, making sure to put emphasis on the ever.  Gotta love kids!  Next time I may jut have to try one of the yummy looking teas pictured above and that cake!  As for Equal Canada I will be keeping up with their latest via @EqualCanada on Twitter and their Facebook page.

Have you had an Equal sighting?

*Disclosure – This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias.  All opinions expressed are my own

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