The Odd Life Of Timothy Green Event BlogHer 2012

One of the perks of being in New York during BlogHer was that I had the opportunity to attend my first Disney Screening!  After days of walking around it was nice to sit in an air-conditioned theater, rest my weary feet and enjoy a movie I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to see.

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is a story about a couple who while struggling with the harsh realities of not being able to conceive a baby are given a gift.  That gift, Timothy Green, teaches them a few things along the way and prepares them for parenthood in a way that only he can.  It’s a film that will make you think, make you laugh and make you cry.  My only tip, bring extra Kleenex, you will be crying happy tears by the end.  I loved it! Follow all the Timothy Green fun on Facebook and Twitter.

While we were waiting for The Odd Life of Timothy Green to start we were treated to previews of all the upcoming Disney films (Monsters University, Frankenweenie, Finding Nemo 3D, and Wreck It Ralph to name a few).  We also had the chance to watch a Disney Short called PAPERMAN, which everyone will have a chance to see in theaters as it debuts in front of WRECK-IT RALPH on November 2nd Paperman is a film about love at first sight and it’s sure to make you laugh.

Part of the fun of this Disney screening was the reception afterwards in which we were treated to drinks and desserts themed after the newest Tinkerbell film, The Secret of the Wings, that will be going straight to DVD Oct 23!  I can’t wait to see this film!  During the reception that was held on a rooftop patio of the Yotel I was able to connect with even more amazing bloggers and was surrounded by fairy wings.  It was fantastic.  Thank you Disney for including me in the fun!

Check the Gallery below for photos from the event!

Disclosure – My admission, popcorn and soda were covered by the team at Disney to help facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Oh, this movie looks so good! I saw the preview and thought it would be really sweet. Definitely going to check it out! How nice that you were able to go to a premiere. It’s always nice to live like a celebrity! LOL! So fun!

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