The Photography Bug Bit Me

Literally. I apologize. I have nothing vaguely interesting to post today. I spent the bulk of my post editing time today taking pictures of this little, OK so he’s not so little, fellow. Which angle do you prefer?

Bugs usually creep me out but I am trying to get the hang of macro photography and bugs can make a great subject. As long as they don’t fly away or crawl on you. *shiver* If you are into Photography and macro what do you shoot? I am going to have to try and set up some water drop shots soon, like this one. Here are a couple of more bug shots just to creep you out some more.

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3 opinions on “The Photography Bug Bit Me”

  1. Great pics! My kids are in awe and keep asking to see the pics again. They are fascinated with bugs, but afraid to go near them.

  2. LOL Kids do love bugs! I tell you I was nervous about taking the flying ant picture because I was only a foot away and him flying off loomed in my mind.

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