This is How We Do Stocking Stuffers

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Christmas is just days away now and that means I’m busy putting the finishing touches on the gifts for the kids stockings. That means trips to the dollar store, Walmart and the grocery store to find just the right combination of things they need, treats and small toys. Stockings are always opened first, before we settle in for brunch, and before we dig into the big presents.

Traditionally we keep stockings simple, they can really add up, even if you are just buying things from the dollar store. So what do we stuff our stockings with?

My mantle is starting to look festive.

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Socks – Socks are always something the kids need plus they make great fillers. 1-2 pairs leaves me with just a bit of room to fill. Bonus points are given if they are extra warm and thick.

Toothbrush and floss – By Christmas the kids are usually in need of a new toothbrush so I sneak one into the stocking. If I can find a good sale then I make them the extra fun electric kind.

Small Games and Toys – Stockings are perfect for adding in extra bits to things they are getting. for instance a Hot Wheels car if they are getting a new track, or for portal masters one of the new Skylanders Light and Dark Elemental Quest Packs available Dec 21 at Toys R Us and Dec 22 everywhere.


Sweet Treats – Wrigley’s Holiday Fun Books make a great stocking stuffer. Pick up the classic Lifesavers or the new additions, Skittles and Hubba Bubba. I remember how much I loved getting one of these at Christmas.

Lip Gloss and Lotion – My kids were cursed with my dry skin and keeping their hands and lips from becoming dry and cracked is an ongoing battle. I use Christmas as a time to splurge a little and get them each they own individual bottles of hand lotion and mini Vaseline tub for their lips. Best part is that I can refill the little containers, providing they don’t lose them, for the rest of the year.

Notepad and pencil – My kids love having their own little notebook to scribble in.  As an added bonus, if we head out to families for Christmas dinner they have something to doodle in during the drive.

Deck of cards or other pocket games – Portable playthings are always enjoyed and since my kids can’t seem to keep all the cards in a deck for long a fresh set means better game play, for a day or so at least.

Chocolate – No stocking would be complete without a little chocolate. The kids each get a Kinder Surprise, this year the larger 100g ones, and hubby and I each get a small box of our favourite confections. Mmmm chocolate!

How do you stuff you stuff your stockings?

Disclosure – Some samples were provided for consideration. All opinions expressed are my own.

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