To my Best Friend on her Birthday.

This is my best friend Sabrina, better known as Sabi, Sabs, Beeni, Bri.

We have been friends a VERY long time.
Tomorrow is her Birthday, and I wish more then anything that I could be there to celebrate it with her. We are good at doing the long distant friend thing though and have spent far more birthdays miles apart then together.
When we were kids we climbed trees, built snow forts, danced in the grass. We played hide and seek and grandma’s coming and talked about everything under the sun. We loved watching Freddy, and Jason and staying up until the wee hours. We laughed as I fell of a huge stack of cushions and bled all over and cried when we had to part. When distance separated us we wrote letters faithfully talking about our lives, boys, first kisses and first breakups.
When summer came we spent every second we could together exploring the neighborhood, talking about boys, being Mall rats and just hanging out. We did lots of things we probably shouldn’t have but had a heck of a fun time doing them and our friendship only got stronger.
When I graduated, she was my date. When my mom died she was my crutch. When I found out I was pregnant with my first, even though she was probably thinking “oh girl, this isn’t good” she was my biggest cheerleader.
She named my Daughter.
When I got married, despite life being less then perfect, she came and stood up for me.
On her Birthday I want to send her the worlds BIGGEST virtual Hug!
To the best friend a girl could ever ask for. I still see us years from now sitting on the porch dishing about arthritis and life.
It will happen.
I love you Sabi and I thank you for being my friend throughout the years. I hope I have done as good a job being yours.
I cannot wait to see you again.
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