Today I Ate a Rainbow ~ Healthy eating tools for children review

Canada’s food guide recommends that children get 4-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. I know that for me I’ve struggled to find ways that are fun and interesting to accomplish this. Today I Ate a Rainbow is a chart that uses magnets to track how many fruits and vegetables a child eats in a day. The goal -to eat a rainbow! I was thrilled when I was offered a chance to review the Rainbow Kit. The Rainbow kit includes the Complete “Today I Ate A Rainbow!™” Chart and The Rainbow Bunch Book.
We absolutely had fun making it a challenge to eat each color of fruit and vegetable every day. My challenge was at the grocery store (thank goodness for the grocery list) and the kids challenge, trying new fruits and veggies. The “Today I Ate A Rainbow!™” chart is also a great way to track which area’s you need to work on. While it doesn’t include fruit and vegetables in each color it helped me see that we have no trouble getting fruits but that vegetables we only usually managed one serving at suppertime. It didn’t only help the kids have fun with food but helped me as a parent by making me think more concisely about what kinds we were eating. The kids love the chart and head over a couple of times a day to count their servings. Even the littlest one gets in there to practice her colors, counting and recognizing different fruits and vegetables.
The Rainbow Bunch Book is fantastic. My kids love bringing the book over for me to read to them and as with any favorite book it gets read a few times a day. The artwork is beautiful and the story is entertaining for all ages of kids. If you can’t get the whole system right away I would definitely recommend getting the book.
We loved the system and I highly recommend it. My only caution is with kids under 3 keep it up higher on the fridge. Some of the fruit/veggie magnets are way too tempting to put in a little mouth. It is meant to be a parent/child activity. If you have any further questions you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on their Blog. I hope you see a rainbow today!
*Disclosure – I was sent a sample to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own. 
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