Today was one of those day

You know the kind of day you wake up and are so thankful to be alive! You thought I was going to complain, admit it. Nope. Not one single complaint today.

Today has been a great day from start to finish. I woke up and headed outside to peek at my flowers and was greeted by the sight of my Gladiola’s starting to bloom, and my purple ones at that! Not only had those bloomed but the plant I thought was just ornamental grass is actually little tiger lilies and they started to bloom overnight. How I missed the buds I will never know. Maybe it’s the grey cloud that has hung over my head this past week with renovation frustrations.

After coming in I made my coffee and sat down to read my emails and lo and behold an email from Parent Reviewers saying I had been accepted into their team. YAY! Then off to run a few errands with the wee one and my oldest. I picked up food and visited the bank and didn’t have to deal with big crowds, long lines or anything. There was an overabundance of people not paying attention while driving but I was paying attention so no accidents. Bonus!

I get home cook lunch for my hardworking crew, who for a change aren’t swearing at my bathroom and sit down to eat only to find I won a Dell Laptop from The Yummy Mummy Club!!! OM-Goodness I about fell out of my chair at that one. I was sure they had picked one of the other ladies. I did a little dance, tweeted and facebooked it then settled down to eat my lunch, spicy butter chicken. Oh how I love it. It’s a frozen entree from Presidents choice and so good.

After lunch I waited to take the kids to the park so Hubbie could run to Rona for the thousandth time and my littlest one fell asleep. YAY. I was able to take the 5 oldest to the park where they entertained each other and I was able to sit and enjoy a McDonald’s coffee without chasing a 2 year old. It was so nice. My oldest decided she was going to go hunting for four leaf clovers while we were there. I told her that I would help her look, but that they were hard to find. Well wouldn’t you know it I looked down and right by my foot, a four leaf clover. No lie. DD proceeded to hunt in earnest for more and she ended up finding 8 or so and even found a clover with a 5Th leaf. I have never seen one of those before.

I bought a Lotto Max and a 6/49 on my way home.

The rest of the day has continued on being awesome. The rest of the plumbing is done and there were no problems, tomorrow evening the tile should go up and I should have a working bathroom by Sunday (minus paint). Everyone snug up real close and rub. Maybe some of my luck will rub off on you all. If I win the lotto Max’s 50 million tonight, party in the tropics!! My treat! I guess I have a Starbucks gift card to buy too. Thank you to everyone who voted over and over for me! 🙂 Watch for the giveaway in a couple of weeks after payday.

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