Unplug & Play Week March 24th-30th


Even though we love getting out an active as a family, it doesn’t happen often enough – especially during the week. We get so busy in the daily routines of school, homework and bedtime routines that we run out of time to play. That’s a big problem, not just for our family but for all of Canadians that is leading to kids and parents that just aren’t as healthy as they could be.

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While recess and gym at school are great, they aren’t long enough nor do they happen often enough to effect change. When our kids come home, instead of going outside until it’s dark they sit in front of computers or TV’s . We have cut cable out so TV is no longer an issue for the kids, but they will stretch their 20 minutes of internet time as long as they can get away with. I’m no better and before I realize it my day is gone and I haven’t moved nearly enough. Which is leading to an ever-expanding butt.

From March 24-30 ParticipACTION is asking Canadian families to Unplug & Play for 60 minutes a day . Go for a walk, play a game of tag, have a snowball fight (sad but true), anything that gets you offline and outside or in for a little fun! I’ll be heading out with the kids next week to Recreofun Centre for a playcation and making an effort to fit in an hour every day for a little play as well.

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Why it is important to Unplug & Play?

Although 92 per cent of Canadian kids say they’d rather play with friends than watch TV, Canadian children watch almost eight hours of screens (computers, smart phones, video games, TV) each day. Active play is fun and fundamental to every child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.   Play also allows kids to try new things, test boundaries and use their imaginations.

For more information on Unplug & Play week feel free to visit ParticipACTION.com  – there you will find resources and tools such as an Unplug & Play Calendar with 7 days of active play ideas and a Certificate of Play to reward kids for an active week. Download ParticipACTION’s Bring Back Play app for a slew of outdoor play ideas on the go.


Disclosure – I was provided some passes so that I can unplug and play. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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