Up and At Em – 5 Tips for Getting the Kids Out the Door In Record Time

Early mornings at my house are hectic to say the least. With 5 kids to get fed and out the door each morning, having a routine is key. It helps the kids know what to expect and what they need to accomplish each morning.  While I have to leave a little room for menu and outfit changes, the below tips will help you get through the morning rush with a minimum of fuss.


Make lunches the night before. Whether it’s leftovers, a sandwich, a smoothie or a more complicated bento lunch, preparing lunch the night before saves oodles of time in the morning. When I send a hot lunch like soup, the kids pack their snacks the night before. Then all I have to do in the morning is warm up and pack the soup in an insulated food container.

Gather up all school projects and supplies and put them in the kids backpacks. Think of it as a 10 minute tidy. Set a timer, have the kids place everything they need in their bags for school the next day and spend any extra time searching for those errant permission slips.

Lay out clothes and shoes. Have your kids choose their outfits the night before and lay them out somewhere they are easily accessible. If you are feeling extra motivated do a whole weeks worth on the weekend and hang or fold everything together.

Plan a bathroom schedule.  If you know one of your kids takes an extra 10 minutes to get ready in the morning, have them wake up first and get in the bathroom before everyone else gets up. This is particularly handy for homes with only one bathroom. For young children have a picture chart of all the things they need to do: like brushing teeth, combing hair, and putting lunchbox in their bags. This will help them become more independent and leave you a little more time to help the kids that need a bit of an extra push out the door.

Keep breakfasts simple. An egg and an Orange Naturals ND Shake or smoothie make for a great start to the day. If you are running late take the shake to go and grab a handful of almonds to keep you going right until lunch.

Bonus tip! Have an emergency bag. There will be those mornings when you wake up with 5 minutes, or less, to spare. For those mornings it’s handy to have a tote bag by the door filled with a few things to get you through the day. In it pack a baggie of trail mix or a peanut free energy bar, a travel sized bottle of mouthwash, hairbrush and elastics, and a few dollars in change so the kids can buy something from the vending machine if you also forgot to pack lunches the night before.

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  1. Wow! This is such an efficient approach – it is good approach for adults too for getting ready for work in the morning -especially if you are the type of person who prefers a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning. 🙂

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