Wake up Next to a Rooster Thanks to Telus

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Does your regular alarm clock not do the job of getting you out of bed in the morning? Do you hit snooze at least a dozen times before finally crawling out? I have a fun solution for you! Why not try the new app from TELUS called Rise & Shine alarm clock. I have been using it on my phone to wake me up from afternoon naps and to remind me of appointments and I have to say it catches my attention better than other alarms. This free app will help you get out of bed or remind you throughout the day with the fun sounds of TELUS critters. Choose from one of four critters, a song or even a video uploaded to your device for your wake up call. The Rise & Shine app is available on iPhone and Android smartphones, and it can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.

Here’s more details about the TELUS Rise & Shine alarm clock app:

  • Wake up to the sound of a rooster, parakeet, monkey or pig; or choose your favorite music or even a video as your morning alarm.
  • Checkout current weather information- ideal for selecting what to wear for the day!
  • Can’t sleep? Play our counting critters game.

Please note that for iPhones, the alarm will not sound if phone is on silent. To avoid an unexpected sleep-in please make sure you do not set it on silent once it’s activated with your wake-up time OR leave the app running on-screen overnight. Worried about battery life if you keep the app running on-screen? Try plugging your phone into your charger overnight.

For more information or to download the TELUS Rise & Shine alarm clock app please visit telus.com/riseandshine.

If you love the TELUS critters as much as I do then you will enjoy the newest addition to the critter lineup, the Giant Panda. TELUS has a strict policy against filming endangered animals, so for the first time ever their advertising will feature a CGI critter instead of live animals. Check out their newest commercial. I think it’s sweet and until the end would never have guessed it was CGI.

As part of TELUS’s commitment to giving they have contributed more than $200,000 to WWF, since 2000, to help all critters big and small. In 2013 they have exciting new plans in the works to do even more with the WWF for the critters. Stay tuned to their community page for all the details!

WWF Panda
This is not the actual Telus critter. I’m not sure what they will look like. This is an adoption kit from WWF.ca.

Disclosure – I wasn’t asked to blog about this, I did however receive a WWF adoption kit as a gift from Telus. All opinions expressed are my own.  To purchase your own adoption kit you can visit WWF.ca. 


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  1. I don’t have a telus phone but this sounds like an app I would definitely use. I tend to get used to the alarm sounds on my iPhone so something different would catch my attention for sure!

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