Want, Nead, Wear, Read – Gift Guide for the Photographer In Your Life

In our house we try and follow the Want, Need, Wear, Read method of gifting. It helps me stick to a budget, minimizes the gimmes, and I think it teaches our kids that the joy of the season is more important than what’s under the tree.

These are my suggestion that fall under the WNWR way of gifting for the photographer in your life. All of the links in this gift guide are affiliate links. By shopping these links you are helping to support my family.

Want – As a photographer I know that GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is a real thing. Trust me when I say chances are pretty good there is a lens on their wishlist. This is the one I’m lusting after currently. Buy it here –

Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS VII

Need – Every photographer needs a good camera bag to protect all that expensive gear. A sturdy backpack will take your gear any where you need to go. Buy it here –

DSLR bag

Wear – A fun t-shirt that celebrates a photographers favourite pass-time is a must. Buy it here –

I shoot People

Read – To hone your craft you need to get out and shoot, but it’s also very helpful taking advice from professionals. This was the first book I picked up after reading my camera’s manual and it’s one that I go back to time and time again. Buy it here –

Photography book

Santa – No list would be complete without a gift idea for the big guy to leave under the tree. I was recently sent the LimeLens to try out on my cell phone. It’s true that the best camera is the one that you have with you and these paired with your cell phone make a pretty decent easily portable pocket camera.

Limelens lenses capture intricate detail that a smartphone camera could not achieve on its own. Lenses boast incredible framing capabilities, removing the limitations of the smartphone camera to produce stunning photographs with a greater choice of photo angles, framing and composition. The Limelens introductory set includes, The Thinker (a dual macro/wide lens), The Captain (a 190 degree fisheye lens), and the Limeclip attachment that fits over 40 devices including leading smartphones and tablet brands. MSRP $99. Buy it here –

Phone camera lens

Limelens examples

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