What we did to Celebrate Earth Day

earth day

Earth Day for us was postponed a bit this year due to Spaghetti suppers, tummy bugs and life. Sad but true. We were back in the game by Sunday and headed to the river valley to do our part to help the environment. I handed out an old leather glove to each of the kids and off they went. They were racing around trying to see who could get the most garbage. I enjoyed it so much. Now if I could get them this excited about picking up their rooms.

Miss V got so into it I had to distract her with the park to get her to stop and she still was going long after we all stopped. I think that I will make a habit of bringing a bag and picking up garbage as we walk to the playground. It doesn’t take any extra time since my kids are racing to see who can get the next piece.
Post Pick-up
After we picked up it was time for some fun!
And boy did we have some fun!
Miss Am demonstrates the mood she was in all weekend.
G shows her hippy side or maybe hippity hop?
Saving the Earth, two thumbs up!
And a post fun picture, this is what normally happens when I try to get pictures by myself. Notice only 4 kids one hiding behind the trunk. Next time I drag Dh along.
What did you do to celebrate Earth day?

Disclaimer ~ This post was written as a part of the Earth Day Challenge hosted by The Canadian Mom Blog Network in Partnership with Mom Central, Majesta, and Fenigo.com

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4 opinions on “What we did to Celebrate Earth Day”

  1. It looks like your kids had a great time!

    We always try to pick up stray garbage when we are at the park. It's amazing how quickly it accumulates.

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