Whew that weekend flew by!

And boy was it a busy one. My wonderful, fabulous, awesome sister-in-law Linda drove and hour and a half so that me and DH could go on a date! It was the first time in over 2 years that we have gone out without the kids. It was so very very nice. Probably the best thing is I trust SIL 100% and know my kids are in good hands so I never worry about them. DH and I headed out to a fabulous Chinese Buffet. If you are ever in the Quebec City area I recommend you check it out. It’s called Jardin de Tang. We stuffed ourselves full of smoked salmon, crab legs, sweet and sour spare ribs, shrimp. oh so much food. I should have worn elastic pants LOL. And the price would be hard to beat. We paid just over $50 for both of us then the tip on top. Lets just hope it isn’t the last time for another 2 years. Thanks to Gran who funded our little outing. 😀 I love Christmas.

SIL spent the night so our usual Sunday pancake feast (provided by yours truly) was extra big. Blueberry, chocolate and strawberry pancakes and some bacon were on the menu. It was delish, as usual I ate after everyone was done but SIL kept me company :D.

This afternoon we made our annual trip to see Santa. All the kids thought that was the greatest and even were sure that the one we saw was the “REAL” Santa and not one of his Santa elves. I will miss it when the kids are too big to have the mystery of Santa. The photographer had a really nice Canon Mark1 (drool) and commented that it was rare to get 5 kinds in 2 shots all looking at the camera and mostly smiling. Even Miss V who wasn’t sure of the big guy was happy to sit in the little chair next to him. We then headed out to Costco to pick up a few essentials. Boy was it packed. I usually avoid shopping on the weekends but I dislike going into the City by myself.

I came home and after supper sat down and checked my email and was very happily surprised to get an email from Holey Donuts saying I had won the giveaway they participated in over at Fabulousfunfinds. I was ecstatic!!! So Thank you so much to Holey Donuts. Make sure you get some of their low-fat, full taste fare for Christmas morning. I am totally drooling over the 100 calorie, low-fat cinnamon bun middles.

That was my weekend. This weeks goal is to finish the kids Christmas gifts, especially the babies felt food since that is pretty much her main gift. LOL. I also need to get a family photo printed for Gran. I am just trying to decide if I should go for broke and get her a gallery wrapped canvas since she does so much for us each year. She already has a frame for a standard 8X10 though. Other goals are bake Christmas cookies and clean out the closet and donate what I won’t use or what doesn’t fit to charity.

I urge everyone to do the same. So many families are struggling this year and every little bit helps. Bring cans and other non perishables to the local food bank. Drop off gently used or a new toy to a shelter or some organization like Santa’s Anonymous. I remember as a young child relying on food banks to fill our fridge and getting gifts each year from SA’s. They are some really special people. And it made a huge impact in my life. As a global family we need to take care of each other in any way we can.

Much love to all tonight!
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