Whew whine and cheese do go together

At least for my kids. It is one of the few things I can offer the wee one and even the boy to get a whine to stop short. Who knows what the magical property is in cheese but it works. We have been having many many LOOOOONG days and some even longer. The 2 youngest have had undetermined illnesses. S threw up once after breakfast but not since and is carrying around a Tupperware “just in case” LOL. It’s been 2 full days. The baby, my normally sunny happy girl has had a fever for the past 2 days that hovers above 100F even with Tylenol. I suspect fifth simply because her cheeks are red,red, red. It could even be a reaction to her immunization the other week. My oldest had a headache for a couple of days and was lethargic and today the middle girl complained of headache. So we have a sick house but we made it until after Christmas and here is hoping they all stay healthy now until after the new years 4Th birthday party on the 2nd. That will be great. Almost all of Luc’s family is coming down 🙂 I love family gatherings. I have to add that Miss Am had a fight with a chair and my kitchen hutch and managed to cut her scalp and eye lid and I believe she will be sporting a black eye tomorrow. Poor Girl is so accident prone. I guess that is what you get when you are a monkey and daring. She is so much like me as a child.

For me I am working on spiffing up my blogs and making some new buttons. I also have some more sewing I need to get done. I want to make a cover for my mixer and start working on a table runner. Should be fun with how big my table is. It’s from an old monastery and is about 7 feet long. The kids are home until the 7Th though so not much will be done until they are back in school. I have the added benefit of their friend playing here for most of the day. So it really is a full house.

I am still looking for products to review and at some point maybe work giveaways into the blog, but for now you get to listen to my ramblings. Fun! Oh and I am trying really really hard to win a flip or convince Fuji to give me camera to review. Heck I would LOVE my first giveaway to be a Fuji and I’d even be willing to coerce DH into translating everything (on my blog)  I can’t into french so other Quebecois could enter since we were blocked on their get your Fuji wet contest. I really don’t like how many contests are closed to us. LOL I know broken record.

Good night everyone and if I don’t get on here again many blessings for the next decade!

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