Why Rebrand

And why now?

The answer simply is why not now? I’ve been contemplating this change for a long time now and finally got the courage to just do it.

Nugglemama has been a part of my online persona for as long as I’ve been online (15 years and counting). I’ve even been known to answer to it on the street, but the blog I loved, and raised my babies on, had become stagnant. Part of can be blamed on my personality, I am a Gemini after all. I don’t like regurgitating the same content in a different way with the change of the seasons. Let’s face it, I wasn’t the best of bloggers either. I never found a niche, couldn’t keep to an editorial calendar to save my life, and I never followed the crowd when it comes to “what a good blogger should do”.

In the past year I felt as if I was taking a step back both in content and in opportunities. Maybe it has something to do with the relocation, maybe it’s because there were just fewer opportunities. Whatever it was I needed a change. Add to that the fact that as my kids get older they want to be a part of the blog less and less and you have the perfect reason to take a step in a new direction.

With this blog I’m really hoping to share with you what it’s really like being me, the good, the bad, and the opinionated. In this space I won’t mince words and I’ll share more about what makes me tick. I’ll also continue sharing the products, services and places I love. I might be changing the focus, but gushing over the latest and greatest gear is as much a part of me as my blue eyes.

I’ve loved being Nugglemama, and with 5 kids she’ll always be part of me, but I’m so excited to start rediscovering other facets of my being.

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2 opinions on “Why Rebrand”

  1. This sounds great! Congratulations on this new baby of yours!
    I had to laugh so hard at “I don’t like regurgitating the same content in a different way with the change of the seasons.” I’ll never be able to forget this now 🙂

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