Wild Tunes – App for Kids Review

Wild Tunes, created by Amit Chai, is a musical mash-up game geared towards infants, toddlers and young children that not only has an educational purpose but is entertaining as well.  Children can choose from one of four screens, each with a different type of music and assortment of animals.  By touching each animal they can create various musical mixes and melodies that I have to admit are pretty catchy.  My son certainly thinks so as I have caught him humming them long after the app has been shut down.  I love how this game encourages creativity and musicality.

From the site:
Wild Tunes was made as a part of an ongoing production of eco-friendly games that supports our planet and animals in need worldwide.

I have to admit at first glance I wasn’t expecting much but once on the iPad I found the kids turning it on more often then not and mixing their own music.  It has quickly become their favorite and I even enjoy messing around with it too.  Shh don’t tell the kids.  My favorite of the four screens is the elephants while the wee ones like the bugs that doo wop.  I do think that the graphics could use work, but the overall idea of the app is a great one.

The app features:

– 4 unique screens with different animals and music.
– one touch to play/stop animal
– lock slider to prevent accidental exit.
– ideal for kids toddlers and family.


Wild Tunes is available in the App Store in for $0.99 or if you want to take it for a test spin try the lite version.




*Disclosure – This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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