Will Blog for… Hot Dogs?

Since this post I have been asked by a PR firm what I think is fair compensation. I will be getting back to them, but I would love to hear what you think.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of deleting an email that asked me if I would be interested in blogging in exchange for hot dogs in the form of a coupon.  Not only that they would mail me a few extra coupons so that I could host a giveaway on my blog for my readers to have a chance to win a coupon as well.  There are many problems with this scenario starting with one coupon valued at $2-$3 in exchange for what essentially adds up to hours of my time and my money for something that, chances are, my readers would find less than interesting.

It was the second time this summer someone pitched me their weenies.

Me = Weenie magnet?

Let’s do a little math shall we:

Drive to the store to pick up hot dogs: Time + Gas = $ + inconvenience if I have to drag kids along.

Deal with annoyed cashier who hates taking coupons and who can’t seem figure out if this one is valid because it has no expiry: Time + Inconvenience = $ X 2 if kids are involved + $$ if buying bribes is necessary to keep the peace while shopping.

Drive home: Gas + Time = $$
Cook hotdogs: Time = $
Take pictures: Time = $
Note down reactions from family: Time = $
Edit pictures: Time = $
Write post, upload pictures, edit post, post post: Time X 4 = $$
Promote post: Time = $
Email link to PR firm and respond to any follow-up emails: Time =$
If I giveaway is added into the mix: Time to set up giveaway + moderate entries + time to promote giveaway + choose winner + email winner = $$
Mail out coupons to 2-3 individual = cost of stamps + gas + time = $$$ + $$ if you ship with tracking so winner can’t say they never got the coupons.
All in all Review = Work and $$ if coupons are sent instead of full-sized sample.

Review + Giveaway = More Work and $$$$.

None of this math includes other costs such as hosting if you are on WordPress, domain, electricity, wear and tear on equipment all expenses that a blogger pays out-of-pocket just to keep the whole shebang running.

I don’t know about you, but you can bet they don’t work for free. Why should I.

Now this is just my take on this particular topic.  If you want to work for hot dogs then that is your choice.  I know some people will do it just for the chance of future bigger opportunities with a company and to be honest once upon a time I would have done it.  The blogging community has been great at helping me see my value and worth and I now know my blog I and are worth so much more than raw meat. Don’t undermine your value 

As for working on something like this in the hopes of something to come think of the old adage:

“Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.”

As for the PR firms who pitched me… Keep your weenies to yourself.
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3 opinions on “Will Blog for… Hot Dogs?”

  1. I would totally blog for an Oscar Myer weenie whistle. I lost mine about 15 years ago…tragic. Perhaps I’m a bit lame? But I get what you’re saying, which is why I don’t run a PR friendly blog…too much work for the payout for me!

  2. You’re so right Julia! It`s great to see it all put into words and equations! Now that I am close to two years into this blogging thing, I am finally realizing our worth as bloggers and our reach. We have a unique and specific following and companies get to tap into that for pennies! It`s great to have this info out there to send the message!

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